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he told her she was beautiful... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
but she could not hear him.

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i hate shit [Apr. 28th, 2004|09:45 pm]
but she could not hear him.
tonight is so going to suck. i have to write a paper on sylvia plath's poetry and how her preoccupation with death showed in her work. it's gonna take me forever and it has to be at least 6 pages. i have done next to nothing on it so far.
go me.
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(no subject) [Mar. 10th, 2004|12:06 am]
but she could not hear him.
You are CLARISSA EXPLAINS IT ALL. She is a rad
chick with absolutely no fashion sense. If you
are a guy and chose this... you are gay.

Which old school Nickelodeon show are you?
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(no subject) [Mar. 5th, 2004|12:14 pm]
but she could not hear him.
i'm committing livejournal suicide. for now anyway.
i'll be back someday.
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(no subject) [Mar. 4th, 2004|12:25 pm]
but she could not hear him.
so we saw the passion again. i don't know why. i guess now i'll probably never see it again and i am fine with that. i gave up cheese for lent but today i am craving some white cheddar. it would be so good on my wheat thins.
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(no subject) [Feb. 26th, 2004|03:27 pm]
but she could not hear him.
it's so lovely when thursdays are over. my 12:30 class was cancelled. oh how i love school sometimes. we talked about suicide in death and dying. all things i already knew. suicide is something that really gets drilled into the american college student's head. i am so boring, i don't even know why i post.
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FISHBULB! [Feb. 26th, 2004|09:18 am]
but she could not hear him.
"you know how your hand smells when you've held a bunch of change? dollar store beer would probably taste like that smell."- elisa.
so thursday night was amazing. i am so happy when my friends come over to hang out. they're all so cute. so hannah played bright eyes songs that we found on the internet (sunrise, sunset; one foot in front of the other) and we both sang. it was lovely. she said,"it's like this guy knows my thoughts" oh how i love hannah. i wish she wasn't going home this weekend. you guys should all check her out: www.hannahbingman.com
i like to call her ani junior sometimes. i think she likes it.
i love you all!!!!!
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(no subject) [Feb. 25th, 2004|01:57 pm]
but she could not hear him.
If you walk away I'll walk away
Just tell me which road you will take
I don't want to risk our paths crossing someday
So you walk that way, I'll walk this way

And the future hangs over our heads
And it moves with each current event
Until it falls all around like a cold steady rain
Just stay in when it's looking this way

And the moon's laying low in the sky
Forcing everything metal to shine
And the sidewalk holds diamonds like a jewelry store case
They argue walk this way, now walk this way

And Laura's asleep in my bed
As I'm leaving she wakes up and says
I dreamed you were carried away on the crest of a wave
Baby, don't go away, come here

And there's kids playing guns in the street
One's pointing his tree branch at me
So I put my hands up, said Enough is Enough
If you walk away, I'll walk away
Then he shot me dead

I found a liquid cure
For my landlocked blues
It will pass away, like a slow parade
It's leaving, but I don't know how soon

And the world's got me dizzy again
You'd think after 22 years I'd be used to the spin
But it only feels worse when I stay in one place
So I'm always pacing around or walking away

And I'm drinking the ink from my pen
And I'm balancing history books up on my head
And it all boils down to one quotable phrase:
If you love something, give it away

A good woman will pick you apart
A box full of suggestions for a possible heart
And you may be offended, and you may be afraid
But don't walk away, don't walk away

We made love on the living room floor
With the noise in the background from a televised war
And in that deafening pleasure I thought I heard someone say
If we walk away, they'll walk away

But greed is a bottomless pit
And all freedom's a joke, we're just taking a piss
And the whole world must watch the sad comic display
If you're still free, start running away
Cos we're coming for you

I've grown tired of holding this pose
I feel more like a stranger each time I come home
So I'm making a deal with the devils of fame
Saying "Let me walk away, please"

You'll be free, child, once you have died
From the shackles of language in measurable time
And then we can trade places, play musical graves
Tell them walk away, walk away, walk away

So I'm up at dawn
Putting on my shoes
I just want to make a clean escape
I'm leaving, but I don't know where to
No, I'm leaving, but I don't know where to

i <3 this song.
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40 days and 40 nights [Feb. 25th, 2004|12:34 pm]
but she could not hear him.
i know i'm not a good catholic or anything, but i've decided to give up cheese for lent. now anyone who knows me probably knows that i LOVE cheese. i make up for no meat by eating lots of cheese. i am the queen of the grilled cheese, especially the swiss grilled cheese. this should be way fun. vitamin water is weird, the watermelon kind anyway.
i almost grabbed cream cheese togo with my bagel, then i remembered. ash wednesday.
almost done school, its so gorgeous outside. i get to go to work after this. i wonder how i'm getting home tonight.
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she dances fantastic [Feb. 23rd, 2004|09:25 am]
but she could not hear him.
so, i finally saw bright eyes last night after missing 3 years of shows. i must say that i like to think that i'm not a giddy girl at times,but when i saw conor on stage and heard his voice i was smiling inside. he's so yummy. jim james and m. ward were lovely as well, but not in the same way. it was also my first pittsburgh experience and it was nice. there were lots of younger kids there though, like 15 and 16, and i heard one say "i should have brought a book blah blah". that made me angry. i guess he was bored with the mostly acoustic show. oh but it was lovely and i heard new songs and they were good and he sang and screamed a bit and it was just, nice.
and the fashion show was spectacular. hahahahahahahha.
the drive was nice too, josh has good music.
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sooo hungry, sooo bored [Feb. 20th, 2004|12:42 pm]
but she could not hear him.
i was done at 11:15 today, my 1 o'clock bio lecture cancelled! yessssss! two days without it. i am now waiting for a ride in the library. brian is supposed to call me before he gets here so i know when to go outside, but he hasn't yet and it's been over an hour. i told him i'd give hime money. damnit biran hurry, my stomach hurts and i'm bloated. effin period shit.
i'm going to make a sammich when i get home. yum yum yum yum.
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